From consumer paints and coatings to traffic and municipal paints to industrial paint and pigment applications, and many other applications in-between, InterKem carries a range of paint, coating, and pigment slurry additives of the highest quality.

InterKem carries the following product lines:

Sodium Neutralized Polyacrylate Dispersants

InterKem has a wide range of high quality sodium neutralized aqueous polyacrylate dispersants for high solids pigment formulations which vary in molecular weight, viscosity, and percent solids. They are commonly used in traffic paints, industrial and household paints and coatings, clay, calcium carbonate, and other pigment slurries.

Ammonia Neutralized Polyacrylate Dispersants

InterKem also has high quality ammonia neutralized aqueous polyacrylate dispersants for high solids pigment formulations and pigment slurries.

Specialty Dispersants

InterKem carries a number of specialty dispersants for use in industrial, architectural, and specialty coatings. These products can be used in numerous resin systems including acrylic, vinyl acrylic, epoxy, and other systems.


InterKem has several surfactants for pigment dispersions, which are used as emulsifying agents.

Dispersant and Surfactant Custom Blends

If you use both surfactants and dispersants in your formulation, we have the option of, if possible, blending these together to help increase your production efficiency.



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